What Happened to Autumn’s Foot on ‘MasterChef’? How She Broke It

As Autumn has progressed throughout the season, some have noticed that her once pronounced Boston accent isn’t as prominent anymore, and some have wondered how authentic it was from the beginning.

“In early episodes, [Autumn’s] Boston accent was very pronounced,” one Reddit user wrote. “The last couple of episodes it has all but disappeared, and she has been getting lots of screen time to notice. Was it ‘faked’ early on or do you think she was coached to drop it?”

While we’re not sure what faking a Boston accent would’ve done to help or hurt Autumn’s chances, many other users were quick to point out that it’s easy to drop an accent if you’re no longer in your hometown.

Others pointed out that between Episodes 10 and 11 for this season, there was a seven-month gap in filming. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily shut down production on the show, which could also explain the difference in her accent.

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