What Happened to Boonk Gang? Why He Disappeared from Social Media

Boonk Gang, whose real name is John Robert Hill, was initially popular on Vine thanks to his many prank videos. He initially went viral after stealing chicken from a local Popeye’s, and he posted a number of extremely popular videos following that one, including one in which he “accidentally” shot himself in the foot. His Instagram account attracted a huge following as well, although it was eventually taken down after he posted a video of himself being intimate with a woman.

Although most people tuned into Boonk Gang’s various social pages to see him pull pranks or break rules, he was also a rapper. Under the name Boonk Gang, he released two albums called “Gabbana Attack” and “Dat Boonk Gang Shit”.

In more recent years, though, Boonk Gang has been a much less frequent poster on social media, and people are wondering what led to his disappearance.


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