What Happened to Jamie Otis’ Sister? Why Fans Are Worried About Her

Thanks to their success as a couple, Jamie Otis and her husband Doug Hehner have acquired a fairly sizeable online fanbase. Jamie and Doug were married during the first season of Married at First Sight, which follows couples who get married even though they’ve never met before. Although Jamie and Doug seem to have a happy marriage, a recent post on Jamie’s Instagram led some fans to worry about another member of their family.

What happened to Jamie Otis’ sister?

In a post on Instagram, Jamie suggested that one of her sister’s children was in a somewhat dire situation. “Thankful to hold my babies, but I feel awful for my sister,” Jamie wrote. “She doesn’t get to rock her babies to sleep tonight. She got a call yesterday that is every parents absolute worst nightmare. We immediately drove up to be with her & our family. Hold your babies tight. If you want to say a prayer for my sis & nephew I know she’d appreciate it.”

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Jamie’s post is referring to Leah King Otis, her younger sister, who Jamie helped raise. In fact, Jamie eventually received custody of all of her younger siblings because of problems that were occurring in their home growing up. Leah is one of Jamie’s four siblings, and she gave birth to a baby boy named Trevor in November of last year.

Because of COVID restrictions, Leah had to give birth alone, and her son was born premature after just 29 weeks. He spent time in the NICU after his birth, but was eventually allowed to go home. Now, it seems that Leah and her son are back at the hospital. Just recently, Jamie posted about how strong and healthy her nephew had become, but it seems that things have now taken a turn for the worse.

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Jamie has said that her sister is ‘strong.’

Although her nephew’s recent health turn was unexpected, Jamie was already singing her sister’s praises before her latest post.

“My sister, Leah, is one of the strongest mamas I know!” she wrote on Instagram. “She went in labor with Trevor on thanksgiving last year. Covid restrictions were in place so she ended up being in the hospital all alone when she gave birth.⁣”

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“I wanted to share this just in case there’s someone out there struggling (or has struggled) with premature labor/birth,” Jamie continued. “Here’s a sign that there is hope for you and your baby.”

Jamie has been public about her own struggles with motherhood, and with the miscarriages that she’s been through.

Although her sister’s experience is not exactly the same as hers, Jamie likely has plenty of sympathy as a mother herself. Leah may not be a public figure in the way that Jamie is, but Jamie is using her platform to ask for thoughts and prayers to be directed toward her sister. We still don’t know exactly what’s going on with Jamie’s nephew, but that doesn’t mean fans of Jamie’s can’t wish both him and his mother the best.

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