What happened to Joshua Plath from Welcome To Plathville?

WELCOME To Plathville toddler Joshua Plath was the 10th addition to Barry and Kim’s family.

The Plaths were stricken with grief when Joshua suddenly passed away in a tragic accident.

Joshua Plath was 17-months-old at the time of his death

What happened to Joshua Plath from Welcome To Plathville?

Joshua Plath was the 17-month old son of Barry and Kim Plath.

He suddenly passed away on the family property while Kim was doing yard work outside the home with the Suburban.

She recounted his death on their family website, saying: “I looked for our 17-month-old Joshua, saw that he was away from the vehicle, then pulled forward to get the next tree.

“In a panic, I realized what had happened. I ran over our Joshua.”

Joshua was killed in an accident outside his home


Joshua was killed in an accident outside his homeCredit: TLC

Kim then said she “lived the next hour nonstop in my brain for the next 8 months.”

She went on to explain that she leaned on her faith and Barry to get through Joshua’s death.

“God has been so faithful to our family for getting us through such a horrific event. He has indeed fully restored our joy. And we are forever grateful!” she wrote.

Joshua’s death was officially ruled an accident by the local sheriff’s office, according to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

Who are the Plaths from Welcome To Plathville?

Barry and Kim have been married for over two decades and have nine children.

They pride themselves on being religious and have a rock-solid faith in God and traditional values.

Barry and Kim have limited their children from computers, games, TV, and attending school with other children.

The family also restricts sugary drinks and junk from their home.

The Plaths are parents to Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, Hosanna, and Mercy.

Hosanna is married and was expecting her first child in an episode of the last season of the show, but she is not featured on the series.

Ethan is also married.

He and his wife, Olivia Plath have been at odds with his parents on the show since the beginning and he is not currently in contact with them.

While Olivia was raised in a similar lifestyle and following a similar spiritual path as the Plaths, she has been determined to break free of that, causing challenges between her and Ethan’s family.

Where can I watch Welcome To Plathville?

Welcome To Plathville season three premieres on August 17, 2021, at 10pm ET on TLC.

Previous seasons of the show are available on TLC, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Discovery Plus with a provider login or paid subscription.

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