What Happened to Manuela on ‘The Price Is Right’? Here’s the Scoop

As far as we know, nothing has happened to Manuela. Actually, she looks like she’s been living her best life. Thanks to some Instagram posts, we see that she’s on vacation. On Sept. 22, 2021, she posted a selfie on Instagram and tagged herself at the Goodtime Hotel in Miami. A few days prior, she posted another selfie on the platform and tagged One Hoteles, a chain with locations in Mexico.

On top of being a model, Manuela is also a mom. She announced her pregnancy on The Price Is Right back in March of 2019. She and her husband Matt have a daughter named Tilly and she is their first child together.

On her Instagram Story, Manuela’s got videos of her and Tilly on swings together and playing in a pool alongside a couple of friends.


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