What happened with Loch Ness on Google Maps? Twitter left in stitches over street view glitch!

A number of Google Maps users have claimed that an unexpected picture came up when they searched for the street view of Loch Ness.

The online mapping platform provided by Google is used by people across the globe when they travel to a new city or country.

It’s a favourite application for many to discover new venues and restaurants and check street maps and real-time traffic updates when they are on the road.

However, many users have claimed that the app brought up an unexpected image when they searched for Loch Ness.

What happened with Loch Ness on Google Maps?

Loch Ness, a large lake in the Scottish Highlands, has long been connected to a mythical sea creature.

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However, last weekend people on Twitter have said that an image of a naked person came up when they looked up Loch Ness on Google Maps.

According to Google Maps users, the app brought up an image of a naked man when they searched for Loch Ness and clicked on ‘Street View’.

The person appears to have taken a selfie with a selfie stick, standing outside on a patio.

Google has since removed the picture but hasn’t addressed the situation at the time of publication.

What does street view of Loch Ness show now?

At the time of writing, Google Maps shows a black screen when you search ‘Street View’ of Loch Ness on the application.

The following message also shows up which reads: “We’re sorry, but an error has occurred. Please reload the page. Reload now.”

So it appears that the street view option might have been disabled for Loch Ness following the viral picture.

Twitter reactions

A number of users took to Twitter to post their reactions after coming across the glitch.

“Loch Ness is trending – and I’ve just found out why, luckily without going to GoogleMaps,” reacted one person.

“I just looked up Loch Ness on google maps to find out what all the chatter is about… what am I missing?” tweeted someone else.

Another person added: “Remind me never again to search for something when told.”

Check out more reactions from Twitter users below.

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