What has Meri Brown oozing with such happiness Like ‘SW’ Fans Have NEVER Seen Before!

Meri Brown’s latest Instagram activity left fans with a side of her they had NEVER seen before. Or, at least not in a VERY long time. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram to share a collection of photos featuring herself beaming with joy. Fans of the TLC star admit it felt good to see photos of her smiling. In fact, it felt like it has been a while since fans saw her oozing with such happiness. Happiness looks good on Meri Brown!

What has Meri Brown oozing with such happiness?

As those who follow Meri Brown on Instagram know, she recently went on a vacation. While she didn’t outright say it, fans assume the vacation is in relation to her LuLaRoe business.

She penned in the caption of her Instagram post as she opened up about her vacation: “Last week I had the opportunity to go to Cancun and spend an amazing five days with friends, old and new, creating memories, and living my best life.”

Based on her photos, videos, and Instagram posts… It became clear this excursion did not include any of her family members. It did appear as if a few of her LuLaRoe friends enjoyed the trip with her. As we previously reported, this vacation even had Meri showing off a bit of her sexy side as she rocked short shorts and a few different bathing suits in some of her photos. Now, Meri Brown didn’t show too much skin in any of her vacation photos. But, she did flaunt a radiant smile.

Kody Brown’s wife thanks LuLaRoe for picking her up

Turns out, the Sister Wives star admits she was in a pretty dark place when she discovered LuLaRoe. The business picked her up from a dark place and she had no idea where it would take her over the years.

The people I’ve met, both within the sisterhood (and brotherhood) of our retailer community, and in my personal community of friends and LuLaRoe lovers, have enriched my life by bringing happiness on sad days, kindness and compassion when I needed it, encouragement, wisdom, and friendship. I can only hope I’ve had something to offer them as well.

I feel blessed and honored to be part of group of people dedicated to kindness, inclusivity, lifting each other up, and being a shining light.”

She continued to explain in her Instagram post: “I am forever grateful for the past five years of my life, the friends and team mates I’ve met along the way, and looking forward to what lies ahead, the people I will meet, the lives that may be changed, and the friendships that will be created.”

Turns out, it wasn’t the vacation Meri took recently that has her smiling and oozing with happiness. It’s the light that LuLaRoe offered to her when her world was dark. Meri Brown concluded her post by noting she looks forward to what will come next. Moreover, she hopes this company is able to bring others the happiness it brings her.

Did you enjoy seeing Meri Brown smiling like fans have not seen in a very long time? Do you hope she’s able to continue to find reasons to smile like that? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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