What Is a Double Eviction on ‘Big Brother’? It Shakes Things Up

Season 23 of Big Brother is already hectic enough with a powerful alliance cleaning up shop left and right. Usually by the time houseguests get to jury, the biggest alliance has disbanded.

In the Cookout’s case, that hasn’t happened. In fact, they’re stronger than ever. Perhaps this is why Julie Chen-Moonves announced two double evictions in back-to-back weeks.

Once the Cookout evicts the last couple of players not in the alliance, they’ll be forced to turn on each other. A double eviction two weeks in a row will make this happen even sooner.

No one really wants to see the Cookout fall, per se. But there’s no action in the Big Brother house if everyone is getting along.

One double eviction is great. Two creates a madhouse. And fans are here for it.

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