What Is a Safety Pass on ‘American Ninja Warrior’? It’s Controversial

Contestant Joe Moravsky isn’t a newcomer to American Ninja Warrior. He’s been successful in previous years and has made appearances on every season since Season 5. But now, things aren’t looking so good for him. In the first stage of the Season 13 finals, he fell. But because he did well on the Power Tower in the Semifinals, he got a Safety Pass. Now, he will be able to continue on the show.

American Ninja Warrior posted a video of Joe on the first stage, and he wrote in the comments that it was really difficult for him: “HARDEST OBSTACLES OF MY LIFE under those circumstances,” he commented. “I was thankful to make it that far.”

It’s also important to note that during this course, Joe had food poisoning, which can make you tired and dizzy, among other things. Fans are also supporting him in their replies, so they’re excited to see what he will do going forward.

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