What Is Body Doubling on TikTok? It’s This Useful ADHD Productivity Hack

TikTok has proved to be a world of help for many people, especially those who are seeking new methods to cope with their ADHD (or might just now be discovering they could have it). There are plenty of accounts that offer support to neurodivergent people, providing new tips and tricks for those who might not have access to medication to better manage their symptoms.

But instead of just talking about body doubling on TikTok, people are using TikTok to find new body doubles.

Thanks to the live video feature in the app, users are going live while they do their work to hold themselves accountable, inviting anyone who could be watching the live to join them.

These live videos are especially popular around midterms and finals when students’ stress levels are particularly high.

Of course, not every user who does this has ADHD — you don’t have to have it to use this hack to help you complete your work. Many neurotypical people also find it more enjoyable to work with others as well, and it’s really about creating a more productive space for yourself to do the work on your to-do list.

While you shouldn’t use social media as a criterion for a diagnosis, there’s nothing wrong with using these hacks if they help you in your everyday life.


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