What is bones day on TikTok?

TIKTOK is home to quick videos portraying everything from funny moments to recipes.

Recently a TikTok video of a floppy pug has brought a new trend with it – bones or no bones day.


Noodle the pug is trending on TikTok

What is bones day on TikTok?

Bones day has become a popular trend on TikTok in October.

TikToker Jonathan Graziano has become famous for posting videos of his floppy pug, Noodle, in bed in the morning.

Noodle is held up by Graziano over his dog bed, in a standing position. Graziano then removes his hands.

The videos are reminiscent of groundhog day: if Noodle stands up on his own, it’s a “bones day”. If Noodle flops back down, it’s a “no-bones day”.

What does bones day or no-bones day mean?

Since the videos of Noodle and Graziano popularized, it’s become a trend on TikTok to either have a “bones day” or “no-bones day”.

When Noodle flops down and it’s a no-bones day, TikTokers have associated that with going back to bed and cancelling their plans. On days when Noodle remains standing – a bones day – that means it’s time to seize the day, get out, make plans.

Noodle the pug having a "no-bones" day on TikTok


Noodle the pug having a “no-bones” day on TikTokCredit: @jongraz/tiktok

Many users have made parody videos or memes about Noodle, and the hashtag #nobones has over 25million views on TikTok.

The videos include scenarios like showing up late to work – a no-bones day. One user commented about getting a job offer on a bones day.

Graziano has noted that no-bones days are not a bad thing, but an excuse to relax.

Who is Noodle the pug?

Noodle the pug was adopted by Graziano in 2016. He’s a 13-year-old pug.

Graziano adopted him when he was seven-and-a-half-years-old, from an owner who was no longer capable of taking care of Noodle.

The pug has an Instagram, @showmenoodz, which has 46.9K followers. Noodle and his owner are based in New York City.

What else has gone viral on TikTok?

Other popular trends on TikTok include things like a sushi bowl and the Vogue challenge.

Emily Mariko recently went viral for her homemade sushi bowl, which consists of ASMR and leftover salmon.

The lifestyle blogger warms up salmon and rice, and adds it to a bowl with kewpie mayo, sriracha, kimchee, and seaweed.

Hundreds of users have created their own take on the sushi bowl, as well as creating parodies of her silent videos.

During the 2021 school year, certain challenges also went viral on TikTok. For example, the “devious lick” challenge had students stealing things from their school such as soap dispensers or paper towel holders.

A list circulating online shows challenge plans for the remainder of the school year, with challenges such as: smack a staff member, kiss your friend’s girlfriend, and mess with school signs.

Teachers have allegedly been warned to look out for TikTok challenges this year.

The Vogue Challenge was popularized in the summer of 2020, with users editing photos of themselves to look like they are Vogue covers.

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