What is Boomer Esiason’s Net Worth? The Former Football Star Is Wealthy

If you’ve never seen the CBS show Secret Celebrity Renovation, it follows actors, artists, sports stars, TV personalities, and a variety of well-known public figures who return to their hometowns to give back to an influential or special person in their lives. That special surprise? A complete home renovation, courtesy of Jason Cameron and Sabrina Soto.

In Episode 9 of the show’s first season, Boomer heads back to East Islip, Long Island in New York to surprise his high school football coach, Sal Ciampi. Boomer credits Sal for turning him into the successful athlete and TV personality he is today.

In the episode, Boomer can be seen knocking down a brick wall in the house, an act he dedicated to all of the people who went through the tough training Sal notoriously put his players through.

We also learn that despite being retired from his high school football coaching duties for 17 years and counting, Sal and his wife never miss a football game and are staunch supporters of East Islip. Boomer planned a bunch of surprises for Sal that extended past the renovations. He scheduled a surprise visit from a bunch of friends from Sal’s past he hadn’t seen in a long time.

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