What Is Happening With Betty White’s 2021 Lifetime Christmas Movie?

Last year, Lifetime announced that Betty White was going to star in a holiday movie. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic delayed many things. That included the highly-anticipated It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie with the Golden Girls star.

What do we know about Betty White’s holiday movie?

Will Betty White Star in a 2021 Lifetime Holiday Movie?

Now that it is 2021, are things back to normal? Will Betty White fans finally get to see her in a new holiday movie? Although it seems that Lifetime is back to filming oodles of holiday movies for their popular It’s A Wonderful Lifetime holiday movies, it appears that something is missing.

According to Parade, who spoke directly to Lifetime, the highly-anticipated Betty White Christmas movie “is not part of this year’s slate.” Unfortunately, they did not say whether they postponed it another year. Perhaps they don’t want to jinx things.

In addition, if they wait another year to film the movie, White will be 100 years old! That is pretty special.

However, White has not been out in public since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Right now, everyone wants to keep our national treasure safe. Unfortunately, that means Betty White is not doing a Christmas Lifetime movie in 2021.

Moreover, Lifetime has decided to not make any promises they cannot keep.

What Was The Betty White Lifetime Movie About?

What do we know about White’s planned 2020 Lifetime Christmas movie? In the still-untitled movie, Betty’s character is busy spreading Christmas joy everywhere she goes.

Could she secretly be the spouse of Mr. Holly & Jolly? That remains a mystery. But, seems to know a whole lot about what Santa Clause is supposed to be like, as her job is “whipping would-be Santa Clauses into shape.”

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime 2021

Although there will not be a Betty White Lifetime Christmas movie in 2021, holiday movie fans have plenty to look forward to. That includes a Brady Bunch reunion Christmas movie called Blending Christmas.

In this movie, former Brady Bunch actors, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen, Jenifer Elise Cox, and Robbie Rist will be starring along with Haylie Duff, Aaron O’Connell, Beth Broderick. Telma Hopkins and Greg Evigan.

In this story, Emma (Duff), is distressed because the resort where her family always spent Christmas is going to be redeveloped. However, her boyfriend Liam (O’Connell) has decided that this is where he will propose!

Moreover, he has decided to have a big family reunion with both sides. He sees this as the perfect opportunity. But, who can have a big reunion without the bigger family drama?

This starts to make Emma and Liam question their compatibility. Now, those two bickering families have to work together to reunite the former love birds. Can they hold back their differences and make this a romantic Christmas?

Are you ready for It’s A Wonderful Lifetime 2021?

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