What is Homer? Everything we know about Frank Ocean’s luxury brand

On August 6, Frank Ocean announced his new luxury brand, Homer.

Frank’s last album, Blonde, came out about five years ago. At the time, songs like Nikes, Ivy and Pink + White became big hits and some fans listen to them even today.

Given that Blonde came out in 2016, Ocean’s supporters were expecting the 33-year-old to announce a new album soon. However, his luxury brand’s reveal was equally thrilling for many of his fans.

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What is Homer?

For the uninitiated, Homer is Frank Ocean’s first-ever independent American luxury brand.

So far, it’s been announced that the singer will be selling high-end jewellery, such as bracelets, pendants, as well as patterned silk scarves. However, some websites have guessed that the brand might soon venture into clothing and accessories as well.

The pieces in Homer’s jewellery collection have been handcrafted using 18K gold, hand-painted enamel, recycled sterling silver, and diamonds crafted in American labs.

A long rumoured Prada collaboration will also be a part of Homer’s new range. A press release from the luxury brand reveals that the collection is inspired by “childhood obsessions” and “heritage as a fantasy.”

Fans can request Homer’s 84-page catalogue on the brand’s official website. The prices of the products range from $395 to $1,898,000.

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Frank Ocean’s Instagram story explored

Fans were barely done unpacking Kanye West’s latest merch when Frank decided to come out with his own collection. The singer took to Instagram to express his thoughts on Homer.

In his story on the social media site, Frank wrote: “This project has kept my mind moving and my imagination turning throughout it all. All of my work is now dedicated to my family. My hope is to make things that last, that are hard to destroy, set it in stone.”

Frank has been busy bringing Homer to life for almost three years now, which explains why the singer didn’t release another album following Blonde’s success.

A look at the singer’s albums and songs

Fans might already know that the 33-year-old singer began his music career as a ghostwriter. He then went on to join the collective Odd Future in 2010. He debuted his first studio album, Channel Orange, in 2012. The album included songs like Not Just Money, Thinkin Bout You and Fertilizer, and won a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album that year.

The singer’s second album, titled Endless, was a visual one that came out in 2016. However, Ocean released his full-fledged second studio album the same year, titled Blonde. The album drew inspiration from artists like Stevie Wonder, the Beach Boys and The Beatles.

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