What Is JWoww’s Job Outside of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’?

JWoww was 23 in Season 1 of Jersey Shore. And before she became a reality TV star, she worked a couple of different jobs. She was a graphic designer at one point, so running her own website makes total sense. But, she told MTV in 2012, she also worked with the elderly in a nursing home at one point.

“I worked at a nursing home, that sucked,” JWoww said. “Bitter old people, I felt bad, some are just God-awful, the others are just lovable and I want to take home and hang out with, [and] some are just mean.”

It’s safe to say that JWoww left that particular job behind once MTV came calling. And can you really blame her?

These days, JWoww’s net worth sits at an estimated $4 million. Most of that is likely from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. It has been her “job” for the past several years, after all.

JWoww isn’t slowing down, though, and unlike some other cast members, she has remained a steady presence on the show.

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