What Is The Age Difference Between Jay And Gloria

Jay and Gloria from the Tv show “Modern Family”  can be described as the most unusual couple. have a rather large age difference, with Jay being born in 1947 and Gloria being born in the early 70s. Although the couple is about 26 years apart, they are deeply in love with each other and raising Gloria’s son, Manny, and their new baby together.

Gloria is extremely passionate and a woman who is not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. She is barely afraid of anything except for maybe Jay’s dog butler. Gloria truly embraces life and we think that is one of the reasons why Jay fell in love with her.

Jay on the other hand is shown to be quite tough, somewhat strict, and manipulative in a sense. He is a decent man who cares about the welfare of his family. He is capable of reaching out to other people, and he becomes a shoulder for Manny to cry on when he feels down.

When Gloria and Jay first got married, Claire the daughter of Jay wasn’t so fond of her new stepmother. Both characters however become best friends.

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