What Is the “Boom Boom Room” in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Although we don’t hear about the Boom Boom Room until Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, it has definitely been a thing since at least Season 3. In an interview with Bustle, Season 3 contestant Evan Bass revealed, “On Paradise, there is ample time to hook up. There was even a room back at the Paradise ranch we called the ‘Boom Boom Room.’” At the time, this was a room far from cameras that allowed contestants some private time to … get down to business.

Some fans have criticized producers for the Boom Boom Room, thinking that the idea was stolen from MTV’s Are You the One? but it sounds like the title of the suggestive room in Bachelor in Paradise came from contestants just talking about it. And although it’s been part of the beach since at least Season 3, we don’t actually hear about it from the contestant’s mouths until Season 6.

In the 2019 season of Bachelor in Paradise, Caelynn and Connor talk about going into the Boom Boom Room, until Dean comes back to steal Caelynn’s heart back. However, for the most part, even when the room does get used, it goes largely undiscussed.

Reportedly, it’s the only air conditioned part of the beach, so Bibi went in just to nap, and other solid couples like Chris and Krystal and Kevin and Astrid spent a lot of unseen time in the Boom Boom Room, whether they were “boom-ing” or not.

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