What is the Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song? Netflix Soundtrack Explored

Director Billy Corben’s Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is a new documentary series on Netflix about the drug kingpins in South Florida. The expanding series began with the 2006 documentary covering the Miami drug scene.

As with any good Netflix documentary, there is always a stellar title sequence that many refuse to skip over, even though Netflix offers the option. Cocaine Cowboys is no different and people who have watched the show are wondering what the docuseries’ theme song is.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song?

  • The Cocaine Cowboys theme song is Bloodsport by the American rapper and singer Pitbull.

The track appears to be an original song for the show, as it is not on any of the artist’s previous records, nor has it been officially released.

Pitbull’s theme song paves the way for the rest of the documentary’s soundtrack, as a Latin beat can frequently be heard in the background.

Following two kingpins who managed to avoid jail time for an extraordinary amount of time is reflected in the interviewers’ demeanor, and the upbeat soundtrack reflects this cheeky tone. Corben opted to convey a more uplifting presence to the documentary, in contrast to Netflix’s other documentaries which are noticeably darker.


What Does the Documentary Cover?

The six-part documentary series follows high-school dropouts Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon, who went on to become one of the largest cocaine dealers in Miami.

The series briefly narrates their story through trafficking blow that amounted to billions of dollars, originating from the Medellin cartel in Columbia. The series then documents how the pair managed to retain their freedom once the authorities caught on to their operation.

Cocaine Cowboys also included other members of the kingpins’ team that helped orchestrate the operation, including Jorge Valdes – a kingpin who passed on his illegal business to Magluta and Falcon when he went to prison.

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