What Is the Krabby Patty Secret Ingredient? Don’t Tell Plankton

Those OG SpongeBob Squarepants fans who have been watching the Nickelodeon show since the ’90s take the Krabby Patty secret formula very seriously. For years, we’ve seen Plankton scheme along with his computer wife Karen to steal it away from Mr. Krabs, but even after all this time, he’s been pretty unsuccessful.

That doesn’t mean Plankton has stopped trying, though. Along with all the other components, there’s a secret ingredient. But what is it? We’ll tell you what we know, but don’t let certain sea life find out.

One episode of ‘SpongeBob’ says the secret ingredient is plankton.

In the episode “Plankton’s Army,” Plankton brings his whole family together in yet another plot to steal the secret formula. He figures that the Krusty Krab can get rid of one of them, but not thousands invading the restaurant all at once. In the end, this plan succeeds, and he’s able to read through the list of ingredients.

Plankton greedily looks through the ingredients and is so excited that his plan has finally worked. That is until he gets to the very end. Aside from love and other necessary ingredients, he finds out that each Krabby Patty contains plankton.

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In reality, this is actually very believable. In the ocean, some of the biggest animals feed on the smallest ones around. According to Ocean Conservancy, blue whales can eat up to 4.5 tons of krill, a kind of zooplankton, every day. It also says that plankton are a critical part of the food chain. “Without plankton, entire food webs around the world would likely collapse,” the website reads.

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Finding out that he’s part of every Krabby Patty scares Plankton and his family off, but it turns out this formula was a fake. This group of thieves broke into the Krusty Krab, but the actual secret formula is tucked away under Mr. Krabs’ mattress. Even now, the actual contents of the formula have never been shared on the show, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

But this revelation hasn’t scared Plankton off for good. Somehow, he must have found out that the secret formula was fake. He’s still trying to get his hands on the real deal. But who knows if he will ever find it?

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