What Is the Milk Crate Challenge on TikTok? Why It’s Now Trending

As you might imagine, the milk crate challenge involves collecting quite a few milk crates. Once you have these crates, you’re supposed to build a staircase out of the crates. To do this, you take the crates and set them in a line of roughly 8. From there, you reduce the number of crates on each layer by two until you have a top layer of one or two crates. Now, the structure should resemble an up and down staircase.

Once a user is happy with the way the crates are arranged, they make sure that someone is recording, and then they attempt to climb the structure. The goal of the challenge is to climb up one side of the crate staircase and down the other without falling off. The challenge may sound fairly straightforward, but it’s definitely harder than it seems.

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