What is the Squid Game dalgona candy challenge?

THE dalgona candy challenge from Netflix’s Squid Game is now being taken up by people for real – but without the deadly consequences.

It featured in the third episode of the popular Korean show where the losers would be killed.


The dalgona candy challenge features in the hit Netflix show Squid GameCredit: Netflix

What is the Squid Game dalgona candy challenge?

The challenge sees players trying to carve a design or shape – such as a circle, triangle or umbrella into a piece of honeycomb candy known as dalgona, a popular Korean street food treat.

Winners get to progress onto the next challenge in a series of childhood games.

However, anyone who cracks the candy, even slightly, gets shot dead by the soldiers.

Fans of the show are now taking up the dalgona challenge for real – albeit without the deadly ending for the losers – which has sparked a craze across the internet and social media.

“The production crew and I would joke about our series starting a dalgona craze, like how Netflix’s Kingdom did with the gat ― a traditional Korean hat ― but I’m astounded that it actually happened,” Squid Game creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk told The Korea Times.

Followers of the hit show have been enacting out scenes from the show, attempting the challenge themselves and sharing recipes.

People are now taking up the challenge for real but without the deadly consequences for anyone that fails


People are now taking up the challenge for real but without the deadly consequences for anyone that failsCredit: Getty

How do you make Squid Game’s honeycomb dalgona cookies?

The origins of the dalgona cookies are not entirely clear but seem to have first appeared in South Korea, where they are known as “ppopgi” in the 1960s.

Street vendors would set up their stall in popular areas and schools and make the honeycomb candy there and then.

Making the cookies is simple and you only really need two main ingredients.

Food website Delish has shared this simple recipe.


2 tbsp. sugar

1 pinch baking powder

Cooking spray


Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Put the sugar in a small non-stick saucepan or ladle and slowly heat it over a medium flame while stirring it until it melts and turns a golden colour. This should take about two minutes.

Remove from the heat and add in the baking powder and continue to stir until it turns a light golden-brown colour.

Pour the mixture onto the baking tray in two equal circles. Spray a metal spatula with the cooking spray and press the candy to a 1/2cm thickness.

Use a cookie cutter to create your desired shape.

Allow to cool and serve.

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