What is the theme song in Nine Perfect Strangers?

NINE Perfect Strangers took Hulu by storm after it’s first episode dropped on August 18, 2021.

There are set to be eight episodes in the series that will be released at different dates.

What is the theme song in Nine Perfect Strangers?

The Nine Perfect Strangers theme tune is a song called Strange Effect by the band Unloved.

Artist Raven Violet is credited as a featured artist on the track too.

Unloved are a Los Angeles-based music trio while their song Strange Effect was released in 2020.

The band, which was founded in 2015, is made up of American musicians Jade Vincent and Keefus Ciancia and Northern Irish musician David Holmes.

Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans and Samara Weaving star in the TV mystery thriller Nine Perfect Strangers


Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans and Samara Weaving star in the TV mystery thriller Nine Perfect StrangersCredit: Splash

Their songs have also featured on the BBC miniseries Killing Eve.

Ciancia and Holmes also provided original material for the soundtrack of Killing Eve, for which they won the 2019 BAFTA TV Craft Award for Original Music.

Is Nine Perfect Strangers based on a true story?

The Hulu series centers around the stories of nine eccentric characters that begin their respective journeys at the Tranquillum House retreat.

Early in the series, each character’s own troubles become apparent but what remains hidden is why they’ve been chosen to attend Tranquillum House together and what exactly Masha’s plans for each of her guests might be.

However, despite the thrilling series, Nine Perfect Strangers is not based on a true story.

Instead, the miniseries is based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty.

Nine Perfect Strangers is a close adaptation of its sourcebook, retaining almost all the same characters – including their names – and many of the details of the retreat it is set in.

However, despite the series’ premise coming from Moriarty’s book, some cast members didn’t shy away from putting their own real-world experience to use.

“Everyone had their own personal experience with this type of thing,” Levine told Town and Country Magazine.

“When your sample group is movie stars, people have been exposed to these things more often than not. We all kind of had a common language that we were speaking.”

He called out Regina Hall, who plays Carmel on the series, as being particularly well versed.

“Regina had so many books for me read. She’d done stuff like this a lot, and certainly, other people brought their own anecdotes to the table on that front,” the author added.

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