What Its Like to Race a Supercar Around the Goodwood Circuit

After, we analyzed my drive.

Insider/Barnaby Lane

Safe to say I wasn’t very good. 

My quickest lap was around the one minute and 50 second mark, a whole 20-something seconds behind David’s time on the day. I am certain he was barely trying.

The record for a single lap at Goodwood is 1:09:914 — set by Nick Padmore in 2016, albeit in a Lola T70 Spyder.

The biomechanical analysis of my drive revealed I was far too heavy on the steering wheel, was changing gears at all the wrong times, and generally proved I wasn’t doing very much right at all. 

Though I didn’t get a chance to amend my mistakes, the technology provided an interesting insight into where I was going wrong, and it was clear to see how it could help more skilled drivers make changes that would benefit their race times.



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