What Jessica Simpson Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to wish her followers a “good morning” while also sharing a vanity-free shot of herself, head laying on the pillow — apparently still wearing her retainer too, by the looks of it. Fans flooded the comments with messages about how much the “Newlyweds” star was “glowing” from within, with several demanding to know Simpson’s skincare secrets. Thankfully, she’s an open book in all senses. Simpson is happy to share how she continues looking so gorgeous, as a mother of three in her forties, telling Refinery29, “I’m very into embracing my natural beauty. I’m embracing all of it.” 

Simpson frequently discusses her struggles with eczema, too, giving fans further insight into the hard work she puts in behind the scenes. For instance, the singer told PopSugar, “I’ve used eye cream since I got in the business, so I was about seventeen years old.” Self-care is a big part of Simpson’s routine, whether it’s ensuring she gets a good night’s sleep, taking some time out to write, or simply practicing gratitude. Her skincare routine is all about taking care of herself, too. “Otherwise, I take it one day and one moment at a time,” she revealed, adding, “There’s power in knowing I made it through.”

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