What Josh Radnor Has Been Doing Since HIMYM Came To An End

One thing starring in “How I Met Your Mother” has afforded Radnor is choices: the choice to say yes to things he only truly wants to be in – and also to say no to things he doesn’t.

“The thing I always think about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ — for as complicated as that experience was — is that it allowed me to live a creative life,” he explained. “The thing I never liked about being a young, unemployed actor is that I was always dependent on people saying yes to me,” (via GQ).

In the last seven years, Radnor has appeared in “Mercy Street,” “Rise,” and “Hunters,” but he’s also turned his attention to other endeavors, like writing a book and performing with musician Ben Lee under the name “Radnor and Lee” (via National Post, NME). He also released a solo album in April 2021 (via Atwood Magazine).

“I feel like I have this nice kind of entrée into the music world, just collaborating with Lee for a couple of years and then starting to learn that I could write my own songs,” Radnor explained. “I still hope to make music with him…but this is the first one that’s just got my name on it, so that comes with a lot of excitement.”

Overall, Radnor is more interested in a career that has longevity than immediate success, adding, “I just have some faith that I’m putting together a sustainable career. It’s not, right now, the flashiest thing.”

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