What Obama’s Favorite Burger in New York Tastes Like

We were ready to dig in, and Upland’s cheeseburger definitely made an impression.

I loved the richness of the avocado in Upland’s cheeseburger.

Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

The first thing I noticed was how juicy the patties tasted, instantly reminding me of an In-N-Out double-double. There are so many ingredients packed into this cheeseburger, but the patties are still the star of the show. 

Clay, a fellow Californian, was also a huge fan of Upland’s take on the flavors of our native state. 

“I love a burger that I can smell on my hands,” he said. “And I love that there are two patties instead of one. I feel like the last place in New York to do that well was Superiority Burger, which closed down.” 

The tomato adds some moistness to the hefty burger, while the peppers give each bite a nice crunch. And the creamy avocado helps give the dish a distinguishing spin so it doesn’t just feel like an In-N-Out re-creation, adding that extra level of both richness and freshness. 

My only wish was that the burger had a bit more of a kick. The peppadew peppers were very subtle, and I think the dish could have shined even more with some heat to tie everything together. 


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