What Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup


It was 2019 when Cohen shared the selfie featuring a makeup-free Sarah Jessica Parker to Instagram (via Insider). “Magic Hour, Magic Lady,” the Bravo host captioned the mesmerizing shot. Fans agreed, with one person commenting, “I love the fact how Sarah Jessica Parker stayed natural with all her lines and gray hair good for her for once a real woman not afraid to grow older and wiser.” Likewise, another follower said, “Sarah looks so pretty so natural with the grey and no make up. Love it.”

Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon who did not work on Parker told Life & Style she likely has had minimal work done on her face — perhaps just Botox and fillers. As for her daily beauty routine when she isn’t on camera, the actress said previously she favors a minimalist approach, flossing her teeth, shaving her legs, and wearing deodorant (via Women’s Health).

She also told Redbook in 2016, “I’m so bad, because I wash my face with whatever soap is lying around.” She added she has been using the same moisturizer forever, and when asked about if she wears makeup, Parker said, “Not a lot; I don’t even own a foundation or lipstick.”

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