What should an extended trailer show off?

NCISWith NCIS season 19 poised to premiere on CBS this fall, why not talk about trailers — or, at least what should be in the first trailer? We’re sure that at some point next month, the first video footage for the season is going to be revealed. With that, there are a lot of different things we’re left to wonder about — because of all of the uncertainty around this season, there’s more of a need for CBS to get this right than ever before.

Luckily, within this article we’re here to help! We’ve got a few different suggestions that could make the first season 19 trailer as strong as humanly possible…

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More of Gibbs in action – We already know he’s alive, and we’ve already talked about how the premiere could revolve to a certain extent about him. Why not highlight some of that in a promo?

Torres dealing with Bishop’s exit – We understand that he is not the only character impacted by it, but he clearly is the one who had the deepest connection. With that, he’s going to take this exit hard and we’re sure there will be some time spent on how he’s nursing what could very-well be a broken heart. Give us even a few seconds of how he’s doing in a teaser.

How is Katrina Law fitting in? – If nothing else, give us a few seconds of her in action as Jessica Knight — just a reminder of how she could tackle some action sequences as a big-time part of the cast.

What about Gary Cole? – If NCIS can find a way to prove in a trailer that he’s not a replacement for Gibbs, it would be smart for them to do so. This is what makes featuring him this season so difficult; there are understandably so many people who love Mark Harmon that if they even consider that he could be taking over his role, that could prove to be a problem. Why not reassure fans that Gary is playing a different character?

What do you want to see featured in the first NCIS season 19 trailer?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do that, stick around for all sorts of other updates on the series. (Photo: CBS.)

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