What Skincare Routine a Beauty Editor Uses to Treat Acne 2021

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  • I’ve been a beauty editor for a decade, but have also dealt with acne my entire life.
  • After years of testing thousands of products, I’ve found a routine that keeps breakouts at bay.
  • These are the products I use, but make sure to talk to your doctor before changing your routine.

For years, I was convinced I was failing at my job because I had acne. That may seem a little dramatic, but as a beauty editor, I’m tasked with sharing the best information on skincare I can. I have almost unlimited products to test, access to the most cutting-edge research, and an army of dermatologists and aestheticians I can call as resources for the stories I produce. But every time a zit would show itself on my face, I’d think that I wasn’t qualified to do the work I loved. 

About two years ago, I got to work on really figuring out what was going on with my skin. I spoke to dermatologists, I tested a lot of products (RIP my medicine cabinet), and I eventually found a routine that kept my skin mostly clear. I still get the occasional breakout around my period, but that’s to be expected.

Maria Del Russo medicine cabinet

My over-packed medicine cabinet.

Maria Del Russo/Insider

Ahead, I round up the products that keep my acne at bay — both my morning routine and my evening routine. And while this list may work for you, it’s really important to speak to a dermatologist or a doctor before making drastic changes to your skincare regimen. I may be a beauty editor, but I’m no replacement for a true medical expert.

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