What Store Does Grocery Store Joe Own? Inside the ‘BiP’ Star’s Past

After his success on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Joe moved to Los Angeles to participate in Dancing With the Stars and be closer to his then-girlfriend, Kendall.

On DWTS in 2018, he revealed that he sold his grocery store, but explained that moving produce, which he still did as a produce buyer, had been in his family for generations. So no matter what, fans could still call him “Grocery Store Joe.”

Kendall and Joe apparently broke up because he wanted to move back to Chicago, but we know that he sold his grocery store, so what exactly is he doing? Well, it’s unclear if he is still a produce buyer, but if he is, then he’s still grocery store–adjacent.

Grocery Store Joe also started up a sauce business called Sundays With Joe, where he sells his own marinara and arrabiata sauces. Plus, he has also gained traction with his official Bachelor Nation podcast, Clickbait, which he co-hosts with Tayshia Adams and Natasha Parker.

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