What That Little Piece Of Fabric Under Your Couch Is Actually For

Buying a brand new couch is like a rite of passage. Until you get there, you may have some hand-me-down, thrift-store, or garage sale couches. But anything is an upgrade from that futon from your college dorm room, though!

If you’ve had an older couch before, you may have noticed that extra piece of fabric underneath the cushion. That extra piece of fabric is just there with no instructions attached.

I remember any time I had a couch that had that piece of fabric, I just kept it there in that spot while it served absolutely no purpose.

Well, that little piece of fabric actually does have a purpose.

The Purpose(s) Of The Extra Fabric

A Reddit thread dedicated to lifehacks stated that the purpose of the flap is to test out cleaning agents.

Typically, cleaners have a disclaimer on the bottle telling you to always test the cleaner on an inconspicuous piece of the fabric. So, that checks out. However, some commenters disagreed. 

Commenters, many of whom claimed to be in furniture sales, stated that that the purpose of the extra fabric is actually for patching holes and color matching.

One such commenter stated, “It is for [color] matching replacements. It’s used because although your supplier may know what [color] you ordered they need to check that the shade on the new material is not noticeably different if they need to send you a new cushion cover, etc. under warranty.”

Honestly, I didn’t even know you could have a new cushion sent to you if one was damaged or ruined!

Wait, People Clean Their Couches?!

On the other hand, a few commenters were just totally surprised that people even clean their couches.

“You’re supposed to clean your sofa?!,” one commenter exclaimed. To this, we answer, yes.

According to Martha Stewart’s blog, cleaning your couch cushions should be a bi-yearly event. Edgar Blazona, the founder of BenchMade Modern told Martha Stewart’s website, “I recommend doing a deep clean of your sofa every six months, just like you would your rugs,” he notes, and if a professional service cleans your rugs, you should ask them to do your couch as well.

So, go check under your couch cushion and see if you have that mysterious piece of fabric! If so, you now know its purpose.


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