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Below Deck Med Season 6 will have a new stew. Nope, Lexi Wilson hasn’t been fired, as of yet. For the first time in the show’s history, there will be four stews instead of three. Chief stew Katie Flood said she needed the help since Lexi is slacking. She could no longer put the load on her other stew Courtney Veale.

So, Captain Sandy Yawn agreed to bring another stew on board. Delaney Evans will make her debut on the show. She already appeared in the midseason trailer. Fans want to know more about the redhead that will shake things up.

Does Lexi get fired on Below Deck Med?

Season 6 of Below Deck Med is full of ups and downs. The recent episode showed the charter guests taking part in the first-ever Beer Olympics. Lexi may lose her job since she’s not doing too well with it. Katie wanted her to work the morning shift, but she haphazardly worked her way through it. Lexi was to set the table that morning, and it looks like she could get the boot soon.

Katie is left to do most of the work herself. Lexi wanted to take pictures of the sunrise. Then one of the guests tells Katie that Lexi brought the cleaning supplies to their room instead of clean towels. On top of that, the former beauty pageant queen takes her sweet time to do her job. Katie shares her frustrations with Captain Sandy, who reiterates the same speech she gave Hannah Ferrier during Season 5 when she struggled with Lara.

[Credit: Delaney Evans/Instagram]

Sandy feels that Katie needs to step it up. However, she did agree to bring another stew on board. If this arrangement doesn’t work out, she will step in. For now, it looks like Katie will have to deal with Lexi for now. But she may fire Lexi before Delaney walks onto the superyacht.

Who is Delaney Evans?

Delaney Evans was born and raised near Alki Beach in Seattle, according to her blog. She left her family in order to seek a new life in San Diego. According to the midseason trailer, it looks like Delaney catches David Pascoe’s eye, who has a crush on Malia White. Delaney also reveals that she went to UC Berkeley, where she joined the sailing team.

She’s currently studying for her captain’s license. But now she’s stuck doing laundry. According to her Instagram page, Delaney has been enjoying life in Hawaii. She’s taken numerous bikini photos, most of which will make fans fall in love with her.

[Credit: Delaney Evans/Instagram]
[Credit: Delaney Evans/Instagram]

How will Delaney fit in with the crew on Lady Michelle? Will Lexi actually get fired? It looks like it may take a little time to let her go. Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. on Bravo.

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