What Was Mary Trump’s Reply On Whether Her Uncle Will Run For President Again?

In a new interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, Mary Trump admitted she has changed her mind on the idea of her uncle, former President Donald Trump, running in 2024. “If you’d asked me that back in November or December, I would have said decisively no,” she began. She reiterated her opinion that he would not risk being beat again like he was in November 2020. However, her thinking has shifted in this regard. 

“But the problem is, he keeps getting away with stuff,” she said during her August 17 interview. “People remain enthralled to him. … Republicans … keep traveling to see him to kiss his ring,” she added. Mary detailed examples of how the Republican party continues to support issues that closely align with the former president’s priorities, such as the “Big Lie” regarding President Joe Biden’s win, as well as the reaction to the January 6 incident at the Capital. 

Mary also pointed out the voting-related bills being taken up by Republicans in many states and she worries it will all eventually “rig the system even further in the Republican’s favor.” Given all of that, she admitted, “If Donald gets to the point, assuming he’s still a free man, where he feels that he can’t lose, why wouldn’t he run?” The idea of this happening is one that clearly rattles her, however, as she added, “That’s something that should strike fear in all of us.”

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