What You Need To Know About Holistic Fitness

Training for the U.S. Army might seem like the kind of boot camp we see in movies. It often includes aggressive drill sergeants and endless pushups, coupled with miles of running. Those things might still exist, but in 2020, the Army released a full publication outlining its new holistic approach to the health and wellness of its soldiers.

Rather than focusing purely on the physical wellness of a soldier, the program also seeks to teach them proper nutrition while emphasizing their personal needs. Other aspects of the program address mental readiness, sleep practices, a sense of moral and personal foundation, and the ability to work effectively with others.

The program is much more regulated than the average person’s holistic fitness approach would be, but it provides a window into the breadth of such training programs. TAFE lists fitness, nutrition, mindset, and mindfulness as aspects that trainers need to incorporate into a holistic program, each with its own focus. Rather than honing in on building muscle or losing weight, holistic fitness is about living a healthier life and making long-term, lasting changes.


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