What you need to know about streaming games?


If you think about games that were played before the millennium and games we play now you can observe a drastic change. The biggest trend since then that changed our gaming experience is no other than technology. In fact, technology reformed so much the gaming that now you can make a career out of playing games online by streaming them. And for those interested in online gambling games, reading about global poker is a good place to start!

Who can stream?

Basically everyone. With improved features, and realistic graphics they are becoming more and more entertaining and available for both the streamers and for those who are watching them. But that’s not all, not just the quality has improved, but the multi-device compatibility as well.  

In order to make the game available for a large number of users, all major gaming platforms are creating games for a wide range of devices. So now you can play the games on any smart devices you like your mobile or tablet. This means that now you can see an increasing number of players who are streaming from their phones. However, the king of streaming is still the Computer-based games.

And these Computer-based games are taking over the internet. There are streamers for video games, multiplayer games, or even poker games. In the beginning, gaming, in general, was just a hobby for most of us to make time pass faster, and it’s declared unproductive by the boomers. But things have changed. Gaming is now a legitimate sport, called e-sport which is followed by hundreds and thousands of people. And among the streamers you can find all kinds of people, your gender or age doesn’t matter. In fact, just a short time ago Hamako Mori, a 90 years old woman in Tokyo, was declared the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. She even got a Guinness World Records award for that.

However, it’s not easy to be successful. Just because you’re in a Gold tier in one of your games it doesn’t qualify you. Just because somebody is good at football doesn’t make him a successful footballer. And the same thing applies here as well, so just some good gaming skills and a good streaming set it’s not enough. You will need an entertaining personality and consistency. Such as PewDiePie who is the most successful person on YouTube claims his success to his consistency, he uploaded videos every single day, which made him the most subscribed YouTuber for a long period of time.

What to stream?

The most important thing is to find the game you’re the very best in. This can be anything that can be streamed from a racing game to a LOL match. For example, if you play a racing game and you talk about different cars and maybe you have a YouTube channel where you make reviews of cars it can be just as entertaining for petrolheads than to most of the young adults watching Ninja play Fortnite. 

So don’t limit yourself, and find your passion. If you’re more into real games you can find something similar to that as well. Like if you like to play poker and you’re good at it you can find online casinos that you can stream. On such websites, you can find a lot of casino related games that you might be good at, just like blackjack, slots, roulette, etc. There are plenty of people who stream their online casino games, and there are even more people who find that entertaining and they might learn something new from you. It might surprise you but there is a poker and casino games category on twitch. So if that’s your game, you might give it a chance.

One important thing, if you’re thinking about streaming any casino game it might be a good idea to stream your games only a little bit later than it happens live. This way the players who are seated with you at your virtual table won’t be able to see your moves or cards.

What do you need for streaming?

If you have the passion and the game for the streaming all you need now is a good setup. I’ve talked about the fact that there are games for mobile phones as well, and you can stream from that. However, you still need to stream that from a PC. And for this you have to share your screen on your PC first, there are different apps for this, second, you need a camera, and last you will have to install a streaming software on your PC like OBS Studio. It’s really easy to set up and it gives you the chance to show the game and your face at the same time for your followers. Before making any live stream make sure that your image and sound quality are good. 

All right, now let’s talk about some serious business. The streaming from a PC. To make it easier I grouped all the gears into 2 categories, the first ones are the absolute essentials, and the second one is just to add a little taste to your streams. So among the most essential, the first one is the Computer. But not just any computer, 

Twitch has a recommendation about the minimal requirements for streaming. They say you should have at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its equivalent in AMD), besides this, you’ll need a RAM of 8GB and at least Windows 7. You can stream from a mac too, but if you ask me, I recommend you getting a windows based computer. They can be modified easily, therefore you can upgrade them faster if needed. The second most important regarding your PC is the speed of your internet connection. It’s true that there are good routers on the market, but I recommend you to stay wired via Ethernet for the best possible bitrate. In your computer, you should have a graphics card strong enough to support whatever you’re playing and, ideally, one that supports at least a DirectX 10. 

The other most important gears for streaming are the Headsets (this way you don’t need a good stand-alone microphone), and a good web camera. Or if you have a normal camera you can connect that as well to your streaming software. 

As for the second category, which is to make your streams more easy and enjoyable for both you and your viewers you can consider getting the following: some good lightning. Decent lighting equipment ensures a consistent webcam feed to your stream and makes you able to steam even in the evening. You can also get a green screen for the background, they can be set up easy, and they have a big impact on your stream game (just make sure you’re not wearing any green tees at the same time). And last but not least, after you gained some experience you should get a stream control. They are small and smart little hardware that can help you with transitions and effects. After getting one you’ll also soon realize that with the right tools you could make the whole process happen much more smoothly, without alt-tabbing out of the game to mess around with streaming software or other controls. 

Wrap up 

I hope this article was helpful to you and I gave you a glimpse about how complete the streaming “business” is. And remember to always have fun, if you enjoy making those streams, your followers will enjoy too. So hf.


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