What You Never Knew About Madelyn Cline

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it, surprisingly, a lot of really good television. While many of us were cooped up inside, waiting for what seemed like forever for restaurants and in-person events to start back up again (both of which are on the rocks thanks to the delta variant, as of this writing), we turned to Netflix. On April 15, 2020, streamers were met with a brand new show called “Outer Banks,” and it was an instant smash hit. 

As noted by Deadline, the show starred the likes of Charles Esten (who had previously acted in “Nashville”), Chase Stokes of “Tell Me Your Secrets,” Drew Starkey of “Love, Simon,” and of course, Madelyn Cline, who was mostly known for her work in “Boy Erased” at the time. The show absolutely marked Cline’s big breakout, as she had mostly scored small parts in shows, films, and shorts up until then.

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