What your sex dreams reveal about you

HAVE you dreamed about cheating on your partner or imagined a steamy romp with a mystery love while fast asleep?

Whatever the scenarios our brains conjure up as we kip, our steamy dreams can offer clues to our ambitions in waking life.


Our steamy dreams can offer clues to our ambitions in waking lifeCredit: Getty
Ian Wallace reveals the significance behind common dreams and how they can improve your real life


Ian Wallace reveals the significance behind common dreams and how they can improve your real life

In his new book, Decode Your Dreams, psychologist Ian Wallace unlocks their meanings.

He says: “Love dreams offer a deeper understanding of what you desire most in life, while sex dreams are all about embracing those passions.”

Here, he reveals the significance behind common dreams and how they can improve your real life.

Decode Your Dreams, by Ian Wallace, is ­published by Quarto on November 30, priced £14.99.


PLACES in dreams represent particular situations in your waking life.

Dreaming of sex in a strange location suggests that an unusual situation has arisen in your day-to-day life.

This new circumstance is providing you with a golden opportunity to use your creative talents and passion in a fresh, unnervingly unfamiliar context.

YOU SHOULD: Be strategic — how can you use your nighttime ­creativity to make the most of it?

Even though you might feel out of place in these new circumstances, know that now is the moment to let your talent shine.


IN dreams, your mouth symbolises how confident you feel about expressing an honest opinion.

Although the person you’re kissing might have some symbolic significance, the dream is really about connecting with yourself and realising you are able to clearly express what you want, rather than blurt it out.

YOU SHOULD: Have the confidence to speak up.

Having the conviction to declare your passion and committing to it often attracts the support you might have been lacking.


IF you dream of romping with someone – or   somewhere- you shouldn’t, it suggests you feel you’re being prevented from developing a particular creative talent in your waking life.

It’s often caused by people who are jealous of your growing skills and take pleasure in trying to stem your progress. But it may also be that you are limiting your own ambitions.

 YOU SHOULD: Explore some of the less-conventional areas of your talents.

Although it might feel like indulging a guilty pleasure, it will allow you to expand your skills beyond expectations  and help you break free from limitations put on you by others.


DOES a seemingly perfect lover repeatedly appear in your dreams but disappear just when you start to feel close to them?

This shows you view your creative abilities as ­talents that come and go, rather than things you can call on when you need them.

A mystery lover in your dreams suggests you are keen to find out how to engage with your talent.

YOU SHOULD: Take a more structured, consistent approach to how you employ your talents, so that you can apply them when you need them                      instead of waiting for inspiration to strike.


DREAMING of being with someone that you know deep down is not right for you suggests you are using your creativity and passion to achieve a successful outcome, but your heart is not truly in it.

It’s usually a sign you’re using your energy to please another person.

YOU SHOULD: Channel your talent into working towards something you really desire for you.

Although it feels good to be useful, try to keep a ­positive, healthy balance in the way direct your energy.


ACTIVELY taking part in a dream orgy indicates there may be an opportunity in waking life to share your creative talents with a wider variety of other people.

Although you may not conceive any new ideas with them, it will expand your understanding of the range of creative processes used by others.

 YOU SHOULD: Be more open to other people’s ideas and take ­inspiration from them, even if they are outside your comfort zone.


WHEN you dream of being intimate with a partner in a different way to normal, it suggests you may be ­taking quite a fixed approach to developing one of your creative talents.

This can result in you becoming stuck on a specific method of problem-solving, which narrows your creative options.

YOU SHOULD: Think about the situations in which you need to be more open to different methods.

Although you may feel there is a best way to solve a particular problem, there may be other ways that will be equally effective and potentially lead to more creative choices.


DREAMING of an ex shows you are becoming aware of an exciting opportunity in your waking life to reconnect with an interest or pursuit you were once very keen on.

YOU SHOULD: The time is now. The challenge is deciding whether you want to do it or not. Consider the implications.

Making this decision will help you find clarity on   what is meaningful and exciting to         you right now.

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