Whatever Happened to AnimatedJames? Update on YouTuber

The fortunes of viral media personalities are oftentimes fickle in nature. All it takes is for a few clips to garner the attention of viewers and before you know it, one huge video can launch your e-personality into the stratosphere. This is especially true if you’re able to convey a strong sense of enthusiasm about a specific topic in a way that’s unique to you.

AnimatedJames did enjoy a strong following, however after reports of certain fetish details of his were revealed, he deactivated his social handles.

So, what really happened to AnimatedJames?

If you’re a “Brony”, aka a man who is a huge fan of My Little Pony, then there’s a good chance you have heard of Animated James. The voice actor, musician, and animator would create tons of videos featuring a variety of popular video games and cartoon characters and then upload them to YouTube and other social platforms.

His most popular videos could be found in the MLP vs Sonic series, which depicted characters from My Little Pony and Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, the blue bullet himself was in the clips, but it also featured Knuckles, Tails, and Amy from the franchise.

According to Social Blade, AnimatedJames had a sizable YouTube following where subscribers regularly checked out his content: some 946,000 to be exact.

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Source: YouTube

This culminated in reported monthly earnings of $1,000 to $16,800, which isn’t bad for someone who actively worked on their interests and constantly improved their animation skills.

However, according to The Rift Cafe “he [James] ceased making animations, and all other artwork in 2018 due to his coprophilia fetish art being leaked on 4chan’s cartoon board which led to widespread mockery.”

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Coprophilia is defined as a fetish for flatulence. Various reports from those who follow James’ online career seem to corroborate that his reason for ceasing to create new content under the AnimatedJames banner is due to his depictions of sexualizing farts from various animated characters.

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Is AnimatedJames still alive?

There’s no dearth of unverified claims on the internet, but a rumor started that sometime after AnimatedJames was “outed” as a lover of farts, he took his own life.

It was even referenced in a Reddit thread about the artist, however, many believed that the source indicating AJ (real name James W. Barkley) was specious at best.

In a Reddit thread someone posted asking where James was, there were some commenters who stated that James didn’t really “quit” from animation on the internet entirely. Instead, it appears that James rebranded himself as Neurodicc.

Folks noticed that the artistic style on the account was nearly identical to AnimatedJames’, however, as of this writing, Neurodicc hasn’t uploaded much.

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“He seemingly goes by the alias “Neuroddic” now. It’s not confirmed, but his art style is super similar to James, and they both “took a break,'” Nichromo221 said about James’ reported shift.

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The same Redditor also claims that they “discovered his new fetish account on DeviantArt” but was reluctant to share the information so that James can maintain his privacy, especially after the ridicule he underwent once his fart fetish went public.

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