What’s the Plot of Episode 3 of ‘What If…?’ Here’s What to Know

We’ve already seen two episodes of What If…?, and some aspects of those alternate realities might actually be preferable to the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. So what will Episode 3 bring? With a new promo and some fan theories, we have some thoughts about the plot of What If…? Episode 3.

Although Disney Plus hasn’t yet released details about what to expect in Season 3 — the rest of the entire What If…? series seems to be under heavy lock and key — everyone wants to know what it will be about.

Episode 1 answered the question, “What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?” and the second answered, “What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?” What will the third episode of What If…? bring?

Based on the ‘What If…?’ Episode 3 promo, we can theorize about its plot.

The plot of Episode 3 may not be totally clear at this point, but we do have some theories. In the promo for the episode, we see almost every Avenger, so our guess is that it’s a twist on the 2012 Avengers plot.

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According to the Reddit user, Episode 3 will have a crossover of Iron Man 2, Thor on Earth, the Hulk in Harlem, and Captain America found in ice, as well as Hulk and Black Widow tied with a murder mystery. And we know Loki is making an appearance. That’s a lot to happen in one episode, so it will more likely pull fewer plotlines.

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Our best guess is that we’ll see Loki try to take over earth, but there are some What If…? comic books that could be used as inspiration. Maybe the episode will pull from “What If Thor and the Avengers Fought the Gods?” or “What If the Avengers Defeated Everybody?” In both cases, we’ll likely see some epic battle scenes.

But without these titles as inspiration, our guess is that we could see what happens if Loki defeats the Avengers. Now that would be a sight to see — how could that possibly end up better than the regular MCU timeline? We know that Marvel could definitely surprise us.

The third episode of What If…? will be available to stream on Disney Plus on Aug. 25.

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