When A Teenage Girl Was Fat-Shamed, Her Response Shut Him the Church Leader – Video Went Viral in 2019

In 2019, a woman was fat-shamed by a church delegate, and soon after, footage of the incident went viral. This year, the video resurfaced and prompted the woman to give viewers an update. 

In a clip posted by 19-year-old Jenna Munger of North Carolina, an altercation between two women went viral. Munger was in the bathroom when a woman approached her and told her that she could not wear shorts because of her weight.

It was discovered that Bonnie Sue Bihary, a former delegate to the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, was the person accosting Munger. The teen recorded the encounter, which she described as an “attack.”

In the original video, Bihary told Munger to stay off the stage if she wanted to wear jean shorts. Munger said the woman’s words made her want to stay away from the church. The teen also showed viewers the outfit that caused the woman’s reaction.

With Munger clad in a pair of jean shorts and a long-sleeve maroon shirt, netizens were confused. People were also disturbed by the church leader’s comments and her rude behavior towards the young girl. Consequently, the incident caused significant outrage online.

According to a statement by the Swansboro United Methodist Church, Bihary resigned from her position. Two years later, Munger shared an update on her life since the incident. The update came after her original clip resurfaced on a Reddit thread.

In the new clip posted last month, she told users she hadn’t really seen Bihary since the incident. Munger stated: “I stopped going to church really, kind of discovering myself right now.” Despite this, Munger said she was still in contact with her pastors.


Munger called her pastors “absolutely wonderful.” She also expressed that they were always there for her if she needed them. She also thanked Redditors and other online users for their love after all these years.

Munger told viewers that Bihary tried to get close to her family, but she eventually stopped. Now, Munger is focusing on moving on from the fat-shaming incident and has put it behind her. She was extremely appreciative of reignited inpouring of support.

People offered her kind words and thanked her for sharing the incident. A user called her “amazing,” and another added: “I am so sorry for what happened and so impressed with how you handled it. You are an inspiration, and wishing you all the best.”

Others shared they were glad her church supported her and that the woman was held accountable. One netizen wrote: “I’m glad to hear the church leadership stood up for you in that situation. That must have been a really difficult time.”


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