When Does Pieper Come to ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’ What to Know
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When Does Pieper Come to ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’ What to Know

Drama is about to kick off on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Die-hard viewers of the popular reality TV show are increasingly convinced that Brendan Morais is stringing along fellow contestants like Natasha J. Parker. Brendan might still be holding out hope for Pieper James, whom he was reportedly dating before the shooting of Bachelor in Paradise began. According to insiders like RealitySteve, Pieper might join Brendan on the show too.

When can we expect Pieper to show up on ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’

Brendan and Pieper started dating in early 2021. It’s been all fun and games — until the taping of Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise kicked off at the Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico, in June 2021.

Brendan promptly appeared on set and swiftly proceeded to flirt up a storm with co-stars like Demi Burnett and Natasha. As some viewers have pointed out, his approach turned out to be somewhat fickle. It felt almost as though he was waiting for somebody to show up. When is Pieper going to come?

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RealitySteve touched on Brendan and Pieper’s blossoming relationship in several blog posts. As he confirmed, Pieper will show up on the set of Bachelor in Paradise at some point.

As he cautioned the readers, she will likely do so after Brendan has already become more or less entangled in a relationship with a co-star — which, by the looks of it, makes for delightfully explosive drama.

Pieper’s ETA is unknown. Unfortunately for viewers, it’s uncertain which Bachelor in Paradise episode will capture her arrival. Either way, she is bound to shake things up.

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“Brendan was original cast. … Pieper is a later arrival, so, let’s see if Brendan just s–t cans the one he’s already given a rose to, or, if he jumps to Pieper once she comes in,” RealitySteve wrote June 16, 2021. “I think it’s clear production purposely waited until Brendan gave his rose to someone else before deciding to bring Pieper in.”

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“But if they were already dating and this is pre-planned, gonna be interesting to see if they pretend like they weren’t, or, if they just go with it and let everyone know,” RealitySteve added.

Could the prophecy vaguely allude to a recent scene where a desperate Natasha treated the extremely unresponsive Brendan to a beach-side massage? It’s hard to decipher at this stage.

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While Pieper’s dates haven’t been confirmed yet, there are a few details floating around about what’s going to happen to her and Brendan after she makes her much-awaited entrance to the hormone-filled environment that is currently Mexico’s Playa Escondida resort.

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Brendan’s somewhat lackadaisical approach made viewers all the more curious about his endgame. Fortunately, RealitySteve has already covered the topic.

“Brendan Morais and Pieper James left the show before overnights as a couple,” he wrote. “I believe they started getting called out for it by others, so they just bounced but are dating post-show.”

As he implied, news about Brendan and Pieper’s blossoming romance is bound to make its way to their Bachelor in Paradise co-stars. It’s uncertain if the stars will choose to play with open cards or if they will get busted in a slightly more theatrical manner. Whatever happens, they are bound to leave the show together.

Catch new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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