When is Jeannie Mai’s baby due?

JEANNIE Mai had a change of heart about wanting to be a mother nearly a year ago.

Now expecting a child with her husband Jeezy, she reflects on her journey.


At 42, the Real co-host Jeannie Mai is expecting her first child with her husband Jeezy.

When did Jeannie Mai announce she was pregnant?

The Real co-host Jeannie Mai has announced at age 42 that she and her husband Jeezy are expecting their first child together.

Jeannie told Women’s Health that she never wanted children her entire life, however, falling in love with Jeezy made her see life differently for herself.

She described their love as “honest, pure, and safe…something (she) hadn’t felt as a child.”

What has her pregnancy journey been like?

In February 2021, a month before the couple’s wedding, Jeannie discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she miscarried soon after.

Filled with grief, Jeannie thought she was being punished for believing motherhood was not her calling up until last year.

A week after the couple’s wedding in March at their Atlanta home, Jamie discovered she was pregnant again while at a doctor’s appointment for her IVF treatments.

After five months of pregnancy, Jeannie is relieved to share that she is going to be a mom.

As a sexual assault survivor, Jeannie is now thinking about how she plans to protect her child and foster a happy environment for her new family.

What has Jeezy said about Jeannie’s pregnancy?

Jay Way Jenkins, better known for his rapper stage name Jeezy, was aware when he first started dating Jeannie that she did not plan to have children.

Being a father of three already, Jeezy was not phased by her decision.

The couple is ready to welcome another Jenkins into the picture.


The couple is ready to welcome another Jenkins into the picture.Credit: GC Images

Now, the married couple is looking forward to welcoming their baby in a healthy and safe environment, something they lacked growing up.

Jeezy says he has been experiencing sympathy pregnancy symptoms. Jeanna thinks its fluff, but is happy to start a family with someone she says is already “an amazing dad.”

Their child is expected to arrive in 2021.

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