When is the release date for ATL 2: Homecoming?

FANS of the 2006 film ATL, starring rapper T.I. and Lauren London, have sat around patiently for over a decade for a sequel.

On August 27, Chris Robinson, the director of the first installment, took to Instagram to share a teaser for the upcoming ATL sequel.


The ATL 2 teaser trailer featuring rapper T.I., Albert Daniels and Jackie LongCredit: Warner Bros Pictures

When is the release date for ATL 2: Homecoming?

The ATL 2: Homecoming teaser trailer released on IG showed that most of the original cast will return for the upcoming sequel.

The video features T.I., London, Jason Weaver, Jackie Long, Evan Ross and Albert Daniels.

Robinson also tagged rapper Big Boi, who played “Marcus” in the film’s first installment.

The director also tagged rapper Chance The Rapper, who on August 25 wrote: “I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got its flowers. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood.” 

In his IG post, Robinson wrote: “HEY [Chance the Rapper]. WHAT IF…….. WE DID IT ONE MORE TIME.”

Long, who starred in the original ATL as Esquire, also shared the trailer online and mentioned Chance.

“What am I looking at right now. See what you started [Chance the Rapper],” he wrote on Instagram.

Despite the teaser trailer, Robinson did not mention when the ATL sequel will premiere.

What is ATL about?

Arriving in 2006, ATL was Robison’s directorial debut and officially launched London’s acting career.

The film was mainly based on the experiences of the film’s producers – Dallas Austin and TLC’s Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins – growing up in Atlanta.

“Four working-class teenagers live in an Atlanta neighborhood where hip-hop music rules and the coolest place to hang out is the local rollerskating rink,” explains the premise of the 2006 film.

“As the friends look forward to new horizons after high school, they face challenges on and off the rink that bring about turning points in their lives.”

ATL grossed $21million throughout its run.

The film also won Best Hip Hop Movie at the 2006 BET Hip Hop Awards and was nominated for awards at the Black Movie Awards, Black Reel Awards and NAACP Image Awards.

The ATL 2 teaser trailer showed that the majority of the original cast will reprise their roles


The ATL 2 teaser trailer showed that the majority of the original cast will reprise their rolesCredit: Warner Bros Pictures

What did fans say on Twitter?

The teaser trailer sent shock waves through Twitter as fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming film.

One fan wrote: “It’s Lauren London and Evan Ross in the trailer for ATL 2 for me.”

A second person chimed in, saying: “nah man, that ATL 2 trailer got me out my damn body rn man. i love that movie so much lol.”

Another fan admired London’s looks, writing: “Lauren London in the trailer of ATL 2 Homecoming >> that woman is drop dead gorgeous.”

A fourth spectator wrote: “ATL 2 trailer dropped n I f***** need it.”

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