When Is The Season 4 Release Date?

Babylon Berlin is one of many extremely underrated German-language dramas on Netflix.

The show, which is picking up new fans all the time, carries the Netflix Original banner in three regions of the world.  With season 3 now on the streaming service, you may be wondering if a fourth is on the way.

Here’s what we know about Babylon Berlin season 4. That’s including whether it’s happening and when it’s going to be arriving on Netflix.

All About ‘Babylon Berlin’

The series is set in Germany during the Golden 1920s. It follows a police commissioner stationed in Berlin solving new and increasingly horrific crimes that keep falling into his lap. In the first season, Communists, Soviets, and especially Trotskyists played a prominent role. The political intrigue that is based on what really happened in Germany during this period of time adds to the drama of what also becomes a police procedural along the way.

One of the main characters is Inspector Gereon Rath, a combat veteran of the Imperial German Army during World War I and a policeman newly transferred from his hometown of Cologne to Berlin. If all that wasn’t enough, he also struggles with morphine dependence linked to his war experiences. In particular, he leans on the drug to deal with his survivor’s guilt over the loss of his brother.


Alongside Rath is Charlotte Ritter, a flapper from the slums who is also an occasional prostitute at the Moka Efti cabaret. Ritter does double duty as a police clerk. She dreams of becoming the first female homicide detective in the history of the Berlin Police.

The rest of the cast of Babylon Berlin has several colorful characters that add to a drama series that is severely underrated in the annals of Netflix offerings.

When Does Season 4 Arrive?

It’s absolutely worth noting that Netflix only serves as the international distributor for Babylon Berlin. The series airs first and is produced by Sky, a large satellite provider across Europe.

Where Sky operates in Europe, Babylon Berlin is not available on Netflix.

Only three regions of Netflix carry the show including Netflix US, Netflix Canada, and Netflix Australia.

Season 3 was the last season to arrive on the streaming service, and that was back on March 1st, 2020.

Having been over a year since Season 3 arrived, it’s understandable that fans of the show are anxious to see the next installment. For now, it appears they’re going to have to wait just a bit longer.

As of now, there isn’t an official release date. However, Season 4 is in production, so their wait will eventually be rewarded with more adventures.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect will be to see how Germany transforms in the lead-up to World War II. While still a ways away from that Babylon Berlin could at least feature the beginning of the buildup in Season 4.

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