When will Steve Coogan be playing Jimmy Savile in The Reckoning on TV?

STEVE Coogan will be stepping into the shoes of disgraced and predatory TV host Jimmy Savile for a new BBC drama.

The Reckoning will follow the life of Savile from his modest beginnings all the way to stardom, with a particular focus on how his abusive behaviour was covered up.


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When will Steve Coogan playing Jimmy Savile in The Reckoning be on TV?

Filming for the series began in October 2021 in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The lead star, Steve Coogan, was spotted by fans clad in a jester costume.

There’s no release date yet for the new series – or even a trailer – but it’s already been hit by backlash.

Many critics have pointed out that Savile spent much of his career at the BBC and an inquiry found that the broadcaster had repeatedly missed opportunities to bring Savile to justice.

The BBC has since reassured fans that they plan to treat the content of the series with “utmost sensitivity and respect”.

Coogan, who’s best known for his Alan Partridge character, is also reported to have been hesitant to take on the role of Savile.

He was keen to reassure viewers that he would be taking the part seriously and explained that he felt that it was a story that “needs to be told”, despite its “harrowing” nature.

What is the plot of The Reckoning?

The Reckoning plans to follow Savile’s life for more than six decades, starting with some of his first gigs working in Northern dance halls.

It will trace his path to becoming one of the UK’s biggest TV stars and a so-called National Treasure, before finally focusing on Savile’s eventual downfall.

It will delve into how Savile’s crimes were concealed during his life and how these cover-ups eventually unravelled shortly after his death at the age of 84.

Who else is rumoured to be in the drama about Jimmy Savile?

So far, only Steve Coogan has been confirmed to appear on-screen.

The series is being written by Neil McKay, who has also worked on The Moorside, which focused on the real-life disappearance of Shannon Matthews, and Holby City.

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