Where Is Former ‘Little People, Big World’ Star Molly Roloff Today?

Longtime Little People, Big World fans may have started watching the TLC show when Molly Roloff was still on it. When the show began filming in 2006, Molly was only 12 years old. So, fans got to watch Molly and her three brothers, Jeremy, Jacob, and Zach, grow up on TV. But now, fans don’t know what Molly is up to.

Actually, Zach is the only one of Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids who still wants to be a part of the show. So, to keep up with the whole family, fans follow Jeremy and Jacob, as well as their wives, on social media. Zach and his wife Tori are active on social media as well.

But Molly doesn’t have a public Instagram account, so fans can’t keep up with her anymore. Since growing up in the spotlight, she appears to prefer a more private life. So, what is Molly doing these days?

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Little People, Big World Update: Where is Molly Roloff?

According to Molly’s LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington in 2016. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Spanish Language, and Literature. She then got a job as an accountant. In 2017, Molly married Joel Silvius at Roloff Farms. Molly was born in September 1993 so she will be 28 this year.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Molly is worth $700,000, so she seems to be doing very well for herself.

Though Molly likes to keep her own Instagram page private, she does pop up on her mom’s page here and there. From what Amy has shared, it looks like Molly is healthy and happy.

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Why is she no longer on the show?

Molly never specifically stated why she left Little People, Big World. Both Jeremy and Jacob have been open about leaving the show, though. Many fans assume Molly left due to her distance from the rest of the family. It may not work out for her to film with them enough to be on the show. It would also make plenty of sense if she just decided she was done being on TV and wanted to enjoy a quieter life with her husband Joel.

So, do you like seeing updates about former LPBW star Molly Roloff? Are you glad to hear she’s doing well? Let us know in the comments below.

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