Where Is ‘Getaway Driver’ Filmed? Details on the Discovery Channel Show

When it came to Discovery Channel and October Films choosing Augusta, Ga., the city was looking forward to the new show. Film Augusta estimated that the production surrounding Getaway Driver generated upwards of $1 million for the area of Augusta. “These numbers are based on hotel room nights, knowledge of location fees, and the hiring of local crew, firefighters, caterers, and other goods and services,” CEO Augusta reported.

“After being shut down for the majority of 2020, it was a shot in the arm to be the production headquarters for Getaway Driver and October Films,” said Jennifer Bowen, film liaison, Film Augusta. For months, we were busy helping the production to hire locals, working with them on filling hotel rooms, and coordinating fire safety services with the Augusta Fire Department. “It’s awesome to see the final product on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Plus.”


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