Where Is Magen Fieramusca Now? The Status of Heidi Broussard’s Killer

When authorities went to Fieramusca’s house for what they thought was a simple welfare check, they never expected to find Broussard’s body and her missing child. Meanwhile, until baby Margo’s birth, Fieramusca was also faking her own pregnancy.

She claimed to her ex-boyfriend, the alleged father of the child, that she gave birth on Dec. 8 or 9, but told authorities that she brought home her baby on Dec. 12 — the day that Broussard and Margo went missing.

When authorities could smell Broussard’s body coming from Fieramusca’s trunk, the jig was up. The baby she had brought home and introduced to her ex-boyfriend turned out to be Broussard’s missing daughter. And the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit described Fieramusca’s motive as “maternal desire” resulting from either a lost pregnancy or the inability to have her own child.

Many women want children, but very few would kill to have one, let alone kill one of their best friends. Fieramusca and Broussard were childhood friends from going to church camp together. Upon discovering Broussard’s body, her baby, and gathering evidence, Fieramusca was charged with two counts of kidnapping, tampering with evidence, and capital murder.

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