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ZOE Ball is known for waking the nation up in the morning with her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

The broadcasting legend is not hosting today (August 27, 2021).


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Why isn’t Zoe Ball presenting the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show today?

Zoe Ball usually hosts her breakfast slot every weekday morning.

However, the broadcasting legend isn’t hosting the show today (August 27, 2021).

It’s not clear why the host is not working today.

However, it was revealed this week that she had been injured on a night out with Strictly co-stars.

Zoe told listeners on August 26: “I fell down on the curb last night and went over on my ankle. It’s a little bit swollen.

“I’ve had some peas strapped to my ankle all night with cling film.”

She added: “My producer Ricky keeps saying, ‘Do I want a footstool. Keep it raised.’

“But then I got into work and fell over a bucket.”

 Nicki Chapman is stepping in for Zoe today and Monday


Nicki Chapman is stepping in for Zoe today and MondayCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is filling in for Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show today?

Nicki Chapman is stepping in for Zoe.

She will also present this show on Monday, August 30.

The 54-year-old rose to fame as a judge on reality TV shows Popstars and Pop Idol.

She has presented television shows including Wanted Down UnderEscape To The Country and its spin-off I Escaped To The Country for BBC1.

Nicki is a frequent guest on Channel 4’s Countdown and Sky News.

She has fronted the Chelsea Flower Show and is a presenter on BBC Radio 2.

Nicki discovered she had a tumour on her brain in 2019.

Doctors told her the tumour had grown between one to three years and she needed to have surgery.

She underwent the operation in May 2019 to remove the tumour, however, part of it still remains now.

Prior to her diagnosis, Nicki experienced a temporary loss of sight and was unable to speak for a period of time.

How long has Zoe been presenting the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show?

On October 3, 2018, Chris Evans announced live on his Radio Two Breakfast Show that TV and radio presenter Zoe Ball would be his replacement.

Zoe took on the role at the beginning of the 2019, hosting the show since January 14.

Evans moved over to Virgin Radio.

Zoe Ball says ‘she hasn’t slept’ because she was so excited about hosting her first BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

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