Customers wonder where to buy the ‘Hard Pickle Seltzer’ as Brumate unveils the brand new beverage.

The Hard Pickle Seltzer is a beverage we all needed but didn’t know we did!

On April Fool’s day 2021 drinkware company BrüMate tried to trick its followers making them believe that it was launching a 12-pack of pickle-flavored hard seltzer.

While some might have fallen for it, others were quick to note that the announcement arrived on April 1. However, soon customers began demanding that the drink be made for real.

And guess what? They did it!

Where to buy Hard Pickle Seltzer?

Crook and Marker as well as Brumate are the two companies behind the pickled drink launched on Friday, June 25.

It is available on the CROOK’D BRU website.

The drink retails for $22 per box that contains 12 cans of 11.5 ounces each. Buyers must note that it will take 3-5 business days for processing their order. Hence, those who are looking to chill with their dill pickle hard seltzer by the Fourth of July might experience a delay in delivery.

The website, also states that there is a flat $14.99 Ground Shipping on All Orders over $44.

Also, Crook and Marker’s pickle seltzer cannot be shipped to some US states, as a result of their alcohol laws. Here’s the states’ list.

The companies involved have revealed that this is a limited edition release and will see 10,000 12-packs made available for purchase.

How an April Fool’s prank led to this unique flavor

Brumate’s Pickle Seltzer is a drink with a very unique origin story.

On April’s Fool Day this year, BrüMate posted a picture on Instagram illustrating a lit 12-pack of pickle-flavored hard seltzer. The caption read, “We’re committed to providing our BrüCrew with the perfect drinking experience. It’s only fitting that we bring you the Afternoon Delight, the world’s first Pickle Hard Seltzer.”

However, no sooner than the day had passed, 10,000 people signed on to an email list, to encourage BrüMate to actually go through with the idea.

Twitter reacts to the new beverage

Many Twitter users went ahead bought the drink as soon as it was released.



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